How Long Do Sheets Last? When to Replace Bed Sheets

How Long Do Sheets Last? When to Replace Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are a worthwhile investment that all members of our household use daily. But how long do sheets last, exactly? If you’ve purchased bed sheets that you love and have worn in over time, it can be hard to let go. However, if you’re wondering when to replace bed sheets, likely, the signs needed to replace bed sheets are already right in front of you.

Quality bed sheets that last a long time are now accessible to everyone, with retailers such as Linenly providing luxury bamboo bed sheets to customers at affordable prices. But how long do sheets last?

How Long Do Sheets Last?

The average shelf life will depend on the quality of the sheets and how well the owner has taken care of them. On average, regular bed sheets should be replaced every two to three years. Before we answer how often should you replace bed sheets in more depth, let’s first look at the difference between how long do linen sheets last vs bamboo sheets.


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How Long Do Linen Sheets Last vs How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last 

It’s the age-old debate; linen vs bamboo. But which are more durable? Which will last longer? How often to buy new sheets can depend on the type of material you choose for your sheets.

Like all other sheets, linen sheets need to be washed regularly despite their antibacterial properties. If you’ve ever bought cheap linen, you’ll know that after just a few washes, it can become further prone to wrinkling, coarseness and rough textures. Therefore, if you’re not willing to invest in top-shelf, quality linen bed sheets, it’s likely that they will not last long.

Some experts claim that premium quality linen sheets are supremely durable. The answer to the question “how long do linen sheets last?” is that they can last up to five years. Whilst a long-life span might sound incredible, we might remind you of the nasties that can grow on bedsheets. Microbiologists have discovered Funghi, bodily secretions, and bacteria ingrained in bedsheets. Therefore, we recommend thinking twice before purchasing linen bed sheets and hoping that they will last you a lifetime. 

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last?

So, how long do bamboo sheets last? Several factors render bamboo sheets a more suitable option for buyers seeking sheets that have longevity. Bamboo has incredibly and unparalleled anti-microbial properties. The anti-microbial properties mean that bamboo sheets are the most effective material for repelling bacteria, fungi, mould, bodily secretions or dust mites. 

When cared for in adherence to Linenly’s expert guidelines in our recent article ‘how to wash bamboo bed sheets’, bamboo bed sheets can last up to six years. Let’s compare this to standard cotton sheets, which need to be replaced every two years. The reason that bamboo sheets last longer is a result of their antibacterial properties and the material weave strength. The strength of bamboo fibres means that bamboo sheets and bamboo quilt covers are less susceptible to general wear and tear.


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Signs You Need to Replace Bed Sheets

When considering how often to buy new sheets, the most apparent signs you need to purchase new ones will be fairly obvious. However, there are some aspects of bedding and sheets that the naked eye won’t pick up on. How often should you replace sheets might be more frequent than you think. Here are some signs that you’re due for a new set of sheets:

General Wear and Tear  

If your sheets are starting to pill, have rips or holes in them, or have become stained from body oils and sweat, it’s an obvious sign that sheets should be replaced.


If you can smell any type of mould, mildew or fungus, or other unpleasant odours on your bed sheets that don’t disappear after washing, it’s time to let them go.


How long do sheets last can be determined by the softness of the sheets. If your sheets are not as soft and luxurious as when you first purchased them or wore them in, it’s a sure sign they need to be replaced.

Bacteria, Mould or Fungi 

The most significant factor in determining how long do sheets last is not visibly evident. Sheets that have lived on your bed for more than two years could be brimming with dust mites, bacteria, body oils and dirt. Keeping a clear idea in your mind about how frequently you have washed and cared for your sheets vs how long you have had them is often the best indication of sheet shelf life.


Bamboo Sheets for a Longer-Lasting Sleep

Now that we’ve covered how long do sheets last, you should be well aware that bamboo sheets are the best selection for purchasing new ones. Despite a regular washing routine, some bacteria just like to cling onto cotton or linen sheets. Linenly recommends a bamboo selection of sheets to ensure that you can hold on to them for longer for their antibacterial properties.

The answer to the question, “how often should you replace bed sheets?”, depends on the type of material chosen and how well cared for. Linenly would not recommend using anything other than bamboo bed sheets for better sleep. Linenly is Australia’s leading supplier of bamboo sheets. For more information on how long do sheets last, contact us today. Otherwise, shop our full range of bamboo bedding, bamboo fitted sheets, bamboo pillowcases and bamboo cot sheets today.

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