Do You Need A Top Sheet? Bedding’s Biggest Question Answered

Written by: The Linenly Team



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The question of whether or not you need a top sheet has raged for decades. For many, it was a revelation at a sleepover that their friends chose something different to what they had always known to be the truth – either a top sheet on their bed, or a skin-to-skin quilt sensation.

So, before we answer the rest of life’s mysteries, let’s start with one very close to our hearts at Linenly Bamboo Beddingdo you need a top sheet on your bed?

What is the origin of the top sheet?

Some people use a top sheet on their bed for extra warmth, while others find it more comfortable to sleep without one. Some people also prefer the look of a made bed with a flat sheet poking out of the top or folded around the quilt, while others find it unnecessary. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to use a top sheet.

Do all sheet sets include a top sheet?

No, not all sheet sets include a top sheet. Some people prefer to use a fitted sheet with an additional blanket or quilt instead of a top sheet. Others believe that using a top sheet is unnecessary and extra laundry. Ultimately, it will depend on the sheet set that you purchase.

At Linenly, all of our bamboo sheet sets include a top sheet. If top sheets aren't really your style, you can use this as a second bottom, non-fitted sheet that you can keep on rotation to extend out your washing cycle.

Does a top sheet add extra warmth in winter?

Yes, adding a top sheet to your bedding can provide extra warmth in those colder months of the year. The added layer of fabric helps to trap in the heat (kind of like an extra layer under a jumper), which can keep you cosy on those cold winter nights. In addition, a flat sheet can also protect your duvet from dirt and debris. So, if you're looking for a little extra warmth this winter, or a way to keep your bedding fresher for longer, think about adding a top sheet to your bedding.

Do You Need A Top Sheet in winter?

Is a top sheet more common in some countries?

Yes! Top sheets are more commonly used in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America than they are in other parts of the world. Top sheets are much less common in Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

There are a number of different reasons why flat sheets might be more or less common in different parts of the world. One of the most obvious reasons is climate. Top sheets can provide an extra layer of warmth during cold weather, so they may be more common in colder climates.

Cultural preferences play a big role in determining whether or not a top sheet is used in bedding. In some cultures, people prefer to sleep on a single sheet without any additional covers, while in other cultures people prefer to sleep with a top sheet and one or more blankets.

When it comes to using a flat sheet in your bedding, there is no right or wrong answer. It is simply a matter of personal preference. Whether you use a flat sheet or not, make sure you are comfortable and able to sleep well.

Why would I use a top sheet in summer?

When the weather gets warmer, you may find yourself wanting to ditch your blankets in favour of something lighter. A top sheet is the perfect solution! Used on its own or with a light quilt or comforter, a top sheet will help you stay cool and comfortable all night long. In addition to feeling cool and comforted while also staying covered, a top sheet can add an extra layer of protection against allergens like dust mites and pet dander. If you have sensitivities, a top sheet is a must-have item for your bedroom.

Using a top sheet in summer

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who likes to sleep with a lot of blankets or heavy bedding, a top sheet can help keep everything in place. A top sheet can also extend the amount of time needed between washing a quilt or doona - which can take much longer to clean or may even require dry cleaning. Keep warm in winter and stay comforted in summer with a bamboo sheet set from Linenly!