Is Bamboo Fabric Warm?

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We’ve all experienced the intense mental battle that occurs most mornings of Winter – your desire to stay warm in bed versus the calling of responsibility. As such, it is important to treasure those moments you have in warmth, hidden away from the freezing cold.

And if you’re going to treasure those moments, investing in high-quality bamboo bedding and fabrics could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

You may find yourself asking, “Is bamboo fabric warm?” As Australia’s leading bamboo sheets retailer, Linenly are here to break down bamboo fabric characteristics and express just how much you’re missing out on without bamboo fabric in your household.

What Are the Advantages of Bamboo Fabric?

As a trusted source of information concerning bamboo fabric in Australia, we believe it to be essential to be unbiased in our evaluation of the advantages of bamboo fabric. In saying that, by the end of this extensive list of benefits, your thinking may likely shift from “is bamboo fabric warm?” to “how can I buy bamboo fabric?”.

  1.  Comfort

Although bamboo fabric is inherently strong, it maintains a soft feel and silky texture. Bamboo fabric keeps the warmth of cotton type materials whilst retaining a sense of breathability similar to synthetic materials.

Moreover, bamboo is more resistant to odours, keeping everything smelling fresh and reducing the time you spend washing both sheets and clothing. 

  1.  Environmentally Friendly

Naturally, the plant is very sustainable due to its nature of being a fast-growing, self-regenerative grass that doesn’t require fertilising. However, bamboo fabric is also developed and manufactured in a particularly environmentally conscious way. 

Why not be extraordinarily comfortable and green-friendly at the same time?

is bamboo fabric warm

  1.  Durability

Within the development process, the plant's toughest and woodiest aspects are broken down so that strong fibres can be extracted.

As such, bamboo sheets can be machine washed without any issue – free from wear and tear. Bamboo is highly durable, holding a lifespan up to three times that of regular cotton sheets whilst remaining soft the entire time.

  1.  Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial Properties

 Bamboo fabrics naturally taper moisture away, keeping sheets clean and fresh. When considering bamboo fabric characteristics and their benefits, it must be said that bamboo fibres inherently possess antibacterial properties too. As such, bamboo fabrics are sure to be gentle on your skin too.

  1.  UV Protection

Going to sleep with sunburn all over your body isn’t much fun – and neither is the risk of skin cancer. Luckily, bamboo fabric provides UPF 50+ protection for your skin and peace of mind in knowing that you’re not only comfortable but safe.

Don’t forget, not only is bamboo fabric warm, but so is the sun.

Is Bamboo Warmer Than Cotton?

As Australia’s leading bamboo retailer, Linenly is here to break down just how is bamboo fabric warm.

Bamboo filaments are filled with small, micro-sized gaps, which allows for superior insulation, ventilation and moisture absorption. These fibre gaps restrict the warm air between person and fabric on cold nights, keeping you snug wherever you are.

Cotton sheets are likely just as warm as bamboo sheets are in the winter, but without all the other added benefits. On top of feeling smoother, being environmentally sustainable and more durable – wouldn’t you like to stay cool in the summertime as well?

So, to answer the question of ‘Is bamboo fabric warm?” – undeniably yes. You’re guaranteed to wake up fresher than ever.

To answer the question of ‘Is bamboo clothing warm?” – undeniably yes, also. Next time you’re going out with friends in the winter, don’t forget to pack a bamboo jumper.

Does Bamboo Fabric Keep You Cool?

When your body becomes too hot and needs cooling down, you begin to sweat. Tiny water droplets roll down the surface of your skin. As these water droplets dissipate, they carry heat away from your body, giving it time to cool naturally.

Let’s say, for example, you’re under cotton bed sheets. The cotton doesn’t let your sweat carry heat away from the body but instead traps the moisture within the material.

However, bamboo bedding is different. Bamboo can reduce the humidity in your bed by up to 50%, cooling you down twice as fast as cotton does.

 Bamboo fibres hold thermo-regulating properties, meaning that your sheets will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and comfortable all year round. Bamboo sheets pull moisture away from the body into the fibres of your bedding. In contrast to cotton sheets, the humidity rises to the surface of the bedding and evaporates.

Given bamboo encourages your sweat to evaporate, you can stay at an ideal temperature all night. As soon as the sweating stops, it reverts back to basics: keeping you cosy and warm.

bamboo fabric and materials

Fabric That Will Keep You Cool, Warm and Everything In Between

If you’re a person that naturally overheats, bamboo fabrics will ease your pain. If you’re a person that hates the cold and questions, “Is bamboo clothing warm?” - bamboo fabrics will protect you.

Here at Linenly, we’re committed to providing the best quality bamboo products at accessible prices. Shop our full range of bamboo bedding online today and have them shipped directly to your door. Not only is bamboo fabric warm, but so are our hearts. Treat yourself.