About Linenly Cotton

Crop: Long-staple cotton

For the finest quality cotton, extra-long staple is key - this refers to the length of the cotton fibers. If you have ever come across Egyptian cotton, then you most likely know that it is one of the most popular extra-long staple fibers.

At Linenly, we prioritize quality and comfort. Our luxury cotton collections are crafted from only the finest extra-long staple cotton to provide exceptional strength and softness. This prized material is world renowned for its durability, creating the ultimate luxurious fabric that you can indulge in every day.

Yarn: Thread count

By using long-staple yarns, fewer threads are exposed which enables us to weave with ease. This eliminates the need for stuffing thousands of short stubbly fibers into fabric just so we can boast a higher thread count.

Crafted from luxurious 500 thread count fabric, our sheets are more soft and durable than ever before. Not only will they feel incredibly comfortable against your skin, but their breathability surpasses that of fabrics with a higher thread count! Experience unparalleled comfort while knowing you’re investing in quality items built to last.

Weave: Sateen weave

To give you the highest quality of luxury, all our bedding is crafted with a distinct sateen weave. Not only does this unique weaving create a luxurious look and feel, it makes each piece truly special just for you!

Crafted in the sateen-weave, this fabric offers a remarkably softer touch with its one thread running top to bottom and four threads going left to right. It is lightweight and breathable, making it less prone to wrinkles while adding a delicate silky sheen for an alluring appeal.