What to Look for in Bed Sheets: Your Guide to Buying Quality Sheets

Written by: The Linenly Team



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When it comes to what to look for in bed sheets, you want the perfect fit and feel for a restful night's sleep. Below, we break down the need-to-know details, including sizing, material, fabric, and thread count. We think it's important to know how to buy good quality sheets so that they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and last the distance. 

What to Look for in Bed Sheets:

1. A Set of Sheets

If you’re stuck wondering how to buy quality sheets, a set of sheets is a great place to start. Your bedding and sheet set forms the foundation for building more stylish additions like decorative throw cushions and bedspreads. A set of sheets usually includes: 

  • 1 top sheet 
  • 1 fitted sheet 
  • and 1 or 2 pillowcases depending on the size of your bed

2. Sizing

Before you even start looking at how to buy good quality sheets, you need to determine what size your mattress is and, therefore, what sheets you need. Australian standard sizes are: 

What to look for in bed sheets

3. Materials

What material your sheets are made of is key to how they feel and how they last. But Bamboo sheets are not all created equal, and it's important to note some key factors when you want to know how to shop for sheets. 

Bamboo viscose is soft to the touch, breathable and provides unrivalled comfort for an uninterrupted night's sleep. It's also thermoregulating, meaning you'll be comfortable no matter the season.  

Bamboo viscose is not toxic or polluting and is a hybrid of synthetic and natural fibres. Here at Linenly, we are proud to say that all our products are made from 100% organic bamboo fibre. Our bamboo sheets are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that they are manufactured according to organic guidelines and standards. Moreover, Linenly bamboo sheets are made to be biodegradable long-term to avoid contributing to landfills. 

4. Fabric Weave

Not to be mistaken for Satin, a sateen weave refers to when the thread is woven over three and under one and then alternates. It creates an extremely soft sheet with a smooth, lustrous, silk-like quality. Because of these factors, we believe this makes for the perfect technique to compliment our bamboo fibre, and therefore this is our weave of choice at Linenly. 

Is Thread Count Important?

When discussing what to look for in bed sheets, often the first advice you'll get is to look at the thread count. A high thread count is the single most important factor in determining a sheet's quality and softness. But is this the best way to think about how to buy quality sheets? 

Bamboo sheets typically have a thread count of between 250 – 500, which on paper would seem low; however, the nature of bamboo fibres allows long and thin threads to be spun from it, meaning that there's more room for the thread to be woven together. Essentially this increases the thread count naturally. Cotton fibres, on the other hand, are much shorter than bamboo fibres which means that although you can weave cotton threads more closely together, bamboo fibres are naturally longer, smoother and more durable. An organic bamboo sheet set with a thread count of 400 is equitable to an Egyptian cotton thread count of 1000.

bed sheets buying guide

Choosing Bed Sheets for Seasonal Changes

One of the most important factors when thinking about what to look for in bed sheets is whether they are appropriate for the season ahead; shopping around for the right fabric weight will mean you can give your heating and/or cooling systems the night off. 

Investing in sheets that are thermoregulating like bamboo viscose will help you make the most of your purchase as Bamboo fibres work to eliminate moisture, keeping your body fresh, dry and clean throughout the night. The properties of bamboo are also naturally resistant to bacteria, perfect for those with hypersensitivity and reactive skin. Discouraging allergies, dust mites, and bacteria build-up, bamboo bed sheets keep the skin cool, the bed clean and provide the perfect hygienic sleeping environment all year round. 

Shop Linenly's Bamboo Bedding Range

All in all, when you're considering what to look for in bed sheets, at Linenly, our aim is to create the highest quality range of bamboo sheets on the market. As Australia's leading provider of bamboo bedding, Linenly's range of bamboo quilt covers, bamboo fitted sheets, and bamboo pillowcases are sure to give you the best quality sleep possible.