What To Do with Old Sheets?

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If you’ve come to this page, it’s likely you’ve been wondering what to do with old bed sheets. We’ll be the first to admit that letting go of your favourite bed sheets can be tough, especially if they’re ultra-comfortable and well loved. But the unfortunate truth is that there comes a time when new bed sheets are necessary for health and hygiene reasons. This article will outline what to do with old sheets, how to reuse old bed sheets, and where to recycle old sheets.

Without further ado, let’s get you ready to remove or repurpose your bed sheets so you can make way for new ones!  

How to Reuse Old Bed Sheets

One of our most frequently asked questions when customers are purchasing new bamboo bed sheet is, “can you recycle sheets?”. The answer is yes! There is a plethora of wonderful ways you can repurpose old bed sheets. From decorating the home through to DIY projects and crafty ways to repurpose, we’ll outline some of the most popular ways to recycle old sheets. 

1. Decorate the Home

If you’re wondering what to do with old sheets but you’re not quite ready to let go yet, there is no better way than repurposing the bed sheets as home decor. One of the simplest ways to recycle the material is to create cleaning cloth from them by simply tearing off strips of the sheet and attaching two sides together if you need something with more reinforcement. Another simple way is creating cloth napkins from the sheets for your next dinner party. You’ll have the most unique dining accessories anyone’s seen! 

Alternatively, if you’ve got patterned bed sheets that you can’t part ways with, use the design to staple on to a canvas or place in a frame. Instant artwork without the price tag! Finally, if you’re looking to block out light on a budget, repurposing the sheets as curtains is an excellent way to save money and create a functional purpose for your bed threads.

How to reuse old bed sheets


Whether you’re an amateur renovator or consider yourself a DIY expert, spare sheets never go stray in the project process. If you’ve renovated before, you’ll know that dust, paints, and other building materials can make a mess of your home. Sheets make for an excellent drop cloth if you’re painting rooms. Alternatively, old sheets will protect your furniture from any untoward dust, paint, or general wear and tear while you’re working on your projects. Using sheets for DIY projects is the best option if you’ve got damaged sheets with rips or stains, as it doesn’t require the material to be completely intact. 

3. Getting Crafty to Repurpose Sheets

If you’re still not sure what to do with old sheets, look no further than this craft section. The best way to repurpose sheets is to get the sewing kit out and let your imagination take care of the rest. Here are some of our preferred ways to get crafty with old sheets:  

  • Old sheets make for great pencil cases or make up bags. This option does require a sewing machine and you’ll need to source a zip separately. 
  • Love the design or style of your old bed sheets but need to let them go? Never fear! Create a funky custom yoga mat from your old sheets and you’ll be the coolest person to walk into Vinyasa Flow. 
  • Creating functional green bags for supermarket shopping or beach bags for long days in the sunshine is another popular way to repurpose bed sheets. Depending on the condition of the sheets, you can create a custom sized bag to fulfill all your needs. 
  • Ever seen those cute families on Pinterest and wanted to join the clan? With old bed sheets that are in good condition, you can create bespoke PJs for you and your family.  
  • If you’ve got time on your hands, we’ve seen some gorgeous, braided bathmats that are made from old sheets. Braiding bathmats takes some skill and patience, but the end result is incredible. If you’re stuck on what to do with old sheets, this is one way to make sure that they’re not going to waste!
  • Comfortable cotton, silk, bamboo, and fleece sheets are some of the hardest to let go of. So don’t! Creating a sleeping bag liner from the old sheets and you’ll have a cosy and luxurious liner to slip into when you’re in the great outdoors.  
what to do with old sheets

Recycling Old Bed Sheets

OK, so we’ve covered what to do with old sheets for the crafty readers. But if you’re wondering where to recycle old sheets, there is no shortage of options. The first option is to donate the sheets if they’re in a suitable condition. Many charity organisations will accept old bed sheets. Some private entities also offer recycling programs if sheets are returned in store. The final solution is to put them in the recycling bin for pickup. However, there is less control over where the sheets end up when this option is taken, so we recommend organising a private pickup for this purpose. 

The Wrap Up: What to Do with Old Sheets

LinenlyWhether you’ve ripped some bed sheets through the wash, tried and failed to remove a stain from the sheets, or your sheets have simply aged, it’s time to let go. The good news is that there are several excellent ways in which to solve the problem, “what to do with old bed sheets?”. Linenly is Australia’s premier retailer for bamboo sheets. If you’re on the hunt for sheets that will last long enough to help you complete DIY projects, shop our full range of bamboo bedding, fitted sheets, and pillowcases online.