What Are the Softest Bed Sheets?

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Getting a better quality night’s sleep is one of the major anxieties impacting many Australians. One of the most significant contributing factors of getting a more fulfilling sleep is the environment in which we sleep. The expert team at Linenly wholeheartedly believe in optimising your sleeping environment by finding out what are the softest bed sheets to ensure a comfortable, safe and cosy night's sleep. Finding the softest bed sheets can mean the difference between poor and quality sleep.

With this in mind, you might be wondering; what are the softest bed sheets? As Australia’s leading bamboo sheets retailer, we feel a responsibility to enlighten our readership on what are the softest bed sheets and what the benefits of choosing the right sheets to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

We’re here to outline which fabrics make for the softest bed sheets, and what are the softest bed sheets to benefit your sleep quality.

What Are the Softest Bed Sheets Made Of?

Our guide below breaks down the softest bed sheets by the type of material. We’ve made the choice easy for you by outlining what are the softest bed sheets made of and ranking from least soft, to the most soft.

Different people have different requirements in terms of personal preference, body temperature and climate, so keep this in mind when considering which fabric is best for your bed and your lifestyle. 

What are the softest bed sheets infographic

Quality, Comfort and Softness of Bed Sheets By Material

#5: Polyester Sheets

We’ve ranked polyester as the lowest ranking fabric in terms of quality, comfort and softness in bed sheets. Polyester is a man-made fabric that is commonly used in affordable bedding. Polyester is a synthetic material and is made from the same fibres as plastics that are found in items like a plastic drink bottle. Therefore, polyester sheets can be really stiff and scratchy when not blended with another material. 

Polyester is often used in children’s bedding because when blended with other fibres, such as microfibre/acrylic. Polyester can become quite soft and it’s also water-resistant. However, this type of polyester bedding is not often very breathable for warm sleepers.

The highest quality polyester sheets can be shiny and will actually have a silk-like feel. However, polyester can also be irritating for people with sensitive skin, so we wouldn’t recommend them for those with allergies or sensitivities. If you’re seeking a comfortable, soft, seamless sleep, polyester probably isn’t the best choice for you. 

#4: Linen Sheets

Linen is made from the flax plant, which means it is a natural fibre. Flax originates in Europe and has been farmed across the globe for thousands of years. The fibres that are woven to create linen are cut or pulled from the ground, where they are extracted from flax cellulose plants. It's this process that makes flax linen incredibly natural, green and strong. 

Although linen is super durable, it is more rigid than the likes of cotton and other natural fibres. Flax is rougher to the touch, so often linen must be blended with another fibre to create a smooth, soft to touch finish.

To its credit, flax linen does soften and become more comfortable the more it is used and washed. But seriously, who’s got time to wait around for that to happen? Not us!

#3: Cotton Sheets

Cotton is the most commonly used material for bed sheets. The different types of cotton can seem endless. Cotton bedding is made from cotton plants called genus Gossypium. Cotton fibres are harvested and spun into a yarn that is woven to create a soft yet durable material. Cotton fibres are softer to the touch than other natural fibres and have the bonus of the ability to be woven into stronger blends. The outcome of a ‘stronger blend’ commercially is a higher thread count.

Cotton is typically soft, and the types of cotton that are commonly used for the purpose of creating homewares include organic, Egyptian, Pima, Supima, Flannel, and Jersey. So, what are the softest bed sheets in terms of cotton materials?

Flannel and jersey cotton are ranked the highest in terms of softness. Flannel sheets are moisture wicking and breathable. However, they can be particularly warm, so we don’t recommend these in summer. 

Many people prefer the softness of jersey cotton compared to other regular types of cotton. It’s basically the same as sleeping in that super old but super soft and comfortable t-shirt you won’t throw out all night, every night. Additionally, they’ve got a bit of stretch in them for the user’s added comfort. Jersey sheets are softer and more breathable than flannel sheets, so do often take the preference for those who are hot sleepers. 

#3: Silk Sheets

It’s no secret that silk is considered one of the most luxurious materials to sleep in. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms and contains albumin, which is a compound found in silk. This component means that there is little to no friction when you sleep, which is why owners of silk sheets will enjoy a seamless, smooth and comfortable experience throughout the night.

However, perspiration throughout sleep can stain and diminish the quality of silk, so that silky soft feeling might not last forever. Silk can also be slippery to sleep on, which is probably not the best option if you’re looking for a quality night’s sleep.

So, to answer the question; what are the softest bed sheets? Whilst silk bed sheets might be soft, depending on the user’s preference, they may not be the most practical choice. 

#1: Bamboo Sheets

What are the softest bed sheets?

Well, we might be biased, but we think bamboo sheets rank the highest for the softest bed sheets you can buy.

Most bamboo sheets are made from the organic bamboo plant shoots. The long and organic fibres of bamboo means that when they’re woven by a high quality manufacturer, they become luxuriously soft to touch. Bamboo bed sheets maintain their softness and stretchiness over time and will never require a softening aid through the wash cycle. They are, in our opinion, the only choice for a silky smooth, soft and comfortable sleep.

why are bamboo sheets so soft infographic

So, What Are the Softest Bed Sheets?

Without a doubt, the softest bed sheets are bamboo bed sheets. Naturally stretchy and soft to touch, bamboo bed sheets are the best bed sheets to buy if you’re looking for sheets that will last and maintain a cosy, yet silky fabric feel.

Are you looking for a better nights sleep? Go on, spoil yourself. Check out our range of quality, super soft bamboo sheets today. As Australia’s leading provider of bamboo bedding, Linenly stock an exclusive range of the softest bamboo fitted sheets, flat sheets, bamboo pillow cases, bamboo cot sheets, bamboo quilt covers and sheet sets. We’re going to go and bury ourselves in between our super soft, beautiful bamboo bed sheets now.