What Are The Best Sheets to Keep You Cool?

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It’s one of the most desired yet unattainable simple pleasures in life that eludes most adults: a good night’s sleep. A common cause of irregular sleeping patterns is temperature fluctuations. Temperature fluctuations at night are widespread and can have a negative impact. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to temperature regulation problems, you’re likely wondering, what are the best sheets to keep you cool?

We know that warmer temperatures throughout summer often exacerbate temperature fluctuations throughout the night. There are several ways that hot sleepers can improve temperature regulation, including finding a dark, cool area to sleep in, using fans or air conditioning, and removing excess winter bedding. Switching to summer bedding, including sleeping with just a sheet on, can vastly improve sleeping patterns.

But what are the best sheets to keep you cool throughout summer, and which material is best? As the leading retailers of bamboo sheets, bamboo quilt covers and bamboo pillowcases, we sure know our stuff when it comes to the most cooling bedding materials.

The experts at Linenly are here to outline different types of sheets that can help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Sheets That Will Keep You Cool

As a trusted source of information regarding sheets in Australia, we think it’s important to consider alternate options when answering the question, ‘what are the best sheets to keep you cool?’. We know that linen and cotton are natural, breathable materials that can benefit sweaty sleepers. But have you considered alternate fabrics? We’re here to investigate some alternative materials, like lyocell, microfibre and bamboo sheets. Are microfibre sheets cool in summer? Or are bamboo sheets cooling? Let’s find out.

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Lyocell Sheets

Synthetic fibre with organic origins. Lyocell comes from the wood pulp found in eucalyptus or oak trees. However, it is woven from the cellulose found in the wood. Whilst it originated with natural materials, it is a synthetic fibre. Lyocell has two attributes that can help to achieve a better night sleep.

The first benefit of lyocell sheets is they are moisture-wicking. Lyocell bed sheets have up to 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton bed sheets. The moisture absorption means that if your temperature fluctuations have you working up a sweat, lyocell sheets can be effective at wicking sweat away from the body and can improve sleep hygiene.

Another attribute of lyocell bed sheets is that they claim to be breathable and cooling. But how cooling can synthetic fibres be? The expert team at Linenly are naturally a little sceptical on this one.

Microfibre Sheets

Let’s talk about microfibre sheets. Microfibre is a synthetic, artificial material that is typically a blend of polyester and nylon. So, are microfibre sheets cool in summer for warm sleepers? One of the most significant attributes of microfibre sheets for temperature regulation is that it is moisture-wicking. If you sweat profusely during your sleep, this is great for your sleep hygiene!

Despite claims that microfiber is light and cool to sleep in throughout warmer months, there is evidence to suggest that microfibre is not as breathable as manufacturers claim it to be. As microfibre is an artificial material, it is more likely to trap heat throughout the night than natural fibres.

Bamboo Sheets

If you want a decent sleep and enjoy a touch of luxury, bamboo sheets are the ideal sheets to keep you cool throughout the night. As Australia’s leading supplier of bamboo sheets, our team is often asked, are bamboo sheets cooling? The answer is yes!

The main attributes of bamboo sheets that make them prime sheets for sleepers who find body temperature regulation challenging are temperature-responsive, odour-resistant, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Let’s take a closer look at why Linenly believe bamboo sheets are the answer to the question; what are the best sheets to keep you cool?

Temperature Responsive

Good quality bamboo sheets feature bamboo-infusion technology that is temperature-regulating. Bamboo sheets won’t trap heat in, which will ensure the sleeper is more likely to remain comfortable and regulated throughout the night. 

Odour Resistant

With bamboo-infusion technology, you’ll enjoy sheets that are naturally odour-resistant and temperature-responsive. Bamboo sheets, therefore, smell better than other natural alternatives like linen or cotton bed sheets.

Breathable & Hypoallergenic

Bamboo is a natural fibre that is breathable throughout the night. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, which is excellent news for sweaty sleepers as it prevents the growth of bacteria on the bed.

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The Verdict: What Are the Best Sheets to Keep You Cool?

If you’re a naturally warm sleeper, bamboo sheets are the best sheets to keep you cool throughout the evening. Linenly is Australia’s leading suppliers of bamboo sheets. Would you like to know the secret to our success? 

Our bamboo sheets are 400 thread count sheets. Organic bamboo bed sheets with a thread count of 400 are equivalent to an Egyptian cotton fabric of 1000 thread count. Using our 100% bamboo, 400 thread count formula means that we achieve the best balance between thick and luxurious sheets but don’t have a high thread count that, if woven too thickly or tightly, can end up feeling too warm throughout the night. 

So, what are the best sheets to keep you cool at night? The answer is bamboo sheets. Find the right balance between cooling bed sheets and optimal thickness at Linenly today.