The Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets

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There’s no feeling in the world that beats that moment of sliding into bed and wrapping yourself up in freshly washed, clean and crisp bed sheets.

If you want to care for your bed sheets to prolong this feeling, you may be wondering, “what is the best washing machine setting for bed sheets?” or even how to wash bed sheets in washer machines so you can prolong that sensation. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

It is important to note that different bedding materials require different washing methods. For example, the best temperature to wash bed sheets usually is quite warm, yet bamboo bedding is to be washed with cold water. Why? Well, warm water is used to kill bacteria that reside on the bed sheet itself. However, bamboo bedding is anti-bacterial. Who needs hot water when the fabric is anti-bacterial? 

If you find something you like, you naturally want to take the necessary steps to care for it. At Linenly, we know how hard it is to fault bamboo bedding – it’s pretty much impossible! So, to understand how you can maximise your sleep and extend the life of your bamboo bedding, read on to discover what setting to wash bed sheets on and what the best washing machine settings for bed sheets are.

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Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets?

First of all, before you attempt to wash any type of bedding, make sure to read the instructions for washing, care and stain removal that come with that particular bed sheet. The suggested washing machine setting for bed sheets can be found on the instructions and provide a practical starting point.

As a general rule of thumb, your bed sheets should always be washed separately so that other items like jumper zippers and buttons do not get tangled in the sheets or damage the sheets in any way. Bed sheets wash much better when there’s plenty of room in the machine, so try not to overload it and complete it all in one go. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you’re finding yourself confused on what setting to wash bed sheets on, it’s a safe bet to always choose the ‘gentle’ cycle when washing bed sheets. Again, check the label on your sheets first to see if specified otherwise. Hot water can be harsh on fine threads, but cold water may not clean the sheets as much as you’d like. As such, certain bed sheets respond well to a lukewarm temperature – a happy medium. Furthermore, the use of too much detergent can begin to affect your sheets over time and cause extensive wear. Linenly recommends using about a quarter cup of liquid detergent on your bed sheets. If you have bamboo bed sheets, make sure it is mild and biodegradable. Also, avoid bleach as it is very harsh on bamboo fabrics. 

best washing machine setting for bed sheets for bamboo

Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets: Silk and Satin

It is recommended to use the ‘gentle’ cycle setting with cold water for both silk and satin bedding. Avoid using harsh chemicals and bleach. Make sure that you use a detergent that works well with delicate fabrics. Try not to use a machine dryer for these bed sheets as it may cause damage.

Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets: Cotton

Cotton bed sheets are the most straightforward sheets to wash. If you’re concerned with what washing machine setting for bed sheets that are cotton is the best – you don’t have to stress! Any cycle, gentle or strong can be used. Both detergent and bleach can be used to wash these sheets, and it is recommended to use warm water to kill bacteria.                        

Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets: Linen

You may be wondering, “what is the best temperature to wash bed sheets that are linen?” Linen bed sheets can be washed in cold or lukewarm water and should be washed using the gentle cycle setting. If the water is too warm, this will cause shrinkage and degradation as the fibres and threads of linen are quite weak. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners and use a mild detergent when washing.

Best Washing Machine Setting for Bed Sheets: Bamboo

Bamboo bed sheets wash and retain their quality best when washed in cold water. Hot water has the potential to shrink the bamboo fibres. As we all know, bamboo bedding is incomparably soft and as such, fabric softeners will only damage the integrity of your bamboo material. Moreover, only mild and eco-friendly detergents should be applied, and bleach should be avoided. Wash bamboo bedding separately from any other material. When considering what setting to wash sheets on, Linenly recommends that bamboo bed sheets should always be washed using the ‘gentle’ setting. 

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How Often Should I Wash My Bed Sheets?

In summer, we recommend washing your bedding every seven to ten days. As it gets warmer, the average person will sweat more and thus stain the bedding more. In winter, it is expected that your sheets are washed about once every two weeks.

If your pets sleep in bed with you on occasion, a sheet wash every three to four days is recommended. 

Washing sheets and making your bed this regularly may seem excessive, but it is important. Even after just a few days, bed sheets can and will accumulate significant amounts of:

  • Body oils
  • Dead skin cells
  • Sweat
  • Dust mites
  • Dirt

How to Wash Bed Sheets in Washer?

Hopefully, this guide to the best washing machine settings for bed sheets will help you extend the longevity and enhance the comfort of your bed sheets! Whilst bamboo bed sheets are incredibly durable, following this specific method will help you keep a luxurious sleeping experience for years to come without concern.

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