How To Soften Bamboo Sheets in 3 Simple Steps

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Bamboo sheets are only becoming increasingly popular – as more consumers realise the value of relying on environmentally conscious products, more people are making the switch from traditional bedding materials to bamboo bed sheets.

If you've come to this page to find out how to soften bamboo sheets, you're in the right place. You've likely just bought a new set of bamboo sheets and are probably wondering how to care for them properly. While bamboo sheets do require a little bit of TLC, they are relatively low maintenance when compared to silk sheets or other alternatives to cotton.

It may even be that you've just opened up your bamboo sheets and found that feel a bit stiff. If you're feeling let down by those promises of silky, soft, luxurious comfort – do not worry! Quite often, bamboo sheets can become a little bit stiff in the packaging process and just need a little bit of softening before being put to use.

Without further ado, here's how to soften bamboo sheets in 3 simple steps:

How To Soften Bamboo Sheets:

how to soften bamboo sheets

Step 1. Wash Before Use

Step 2. Sleep in Bamboo Sheets

Step 3. Wash Again

Yes, you read that correctly. The secret to softening your bamboo sheets up is to gently wash them, before leaving them as is, and then washing them when need be. You see, the nature of bamboo fibres means that fabric softeners and chemical solutions used on traditional bedding textiles will not make bamboo sheets softer – they will only ruin the fabric.

Organic bamboo fibres are naturally long, thin, soft and rounded, so no sharp weaves are rubbing against your skin. When threaded, bamboo threads are incredibly long and will stretch much further than cotton, substantially increasing the overall thread count of organic bamboo sheets.

Bamboo bed sheets are actually incredibly soft from the moment they are first washed. This is because of their natural fibre composition and the manufacturing process. Believe it or not, bamboo sheets and bamboo bedding will actually get softer with time. But before we can move on to how to soften bamboo sheets, you first need to understand how bamboo sheets differ from traditional bedding textiles.

How Bamboo Sheets Differ From Other Textiles:

While all sheets are made by weaving threads together, there is a stark difference in the way bamboo sheets are manufactured when compared to traditional bedding materials.

When manufacturing traditional cotton textiles, the threads are often shorter than the length of the sheet – this is when the manufacturing process involves overlapping the ends of each thread to create the illusion of one long strand stretching the entire length of the fabric. The end result is a number of loose ends of yarn throughout the sheet which provides that scratchy, worn-out feeling after the third or fourth wash. These loose ends are why you need to soften cotton sheets and why most people are under the impression bamboo sheets will need softening, too.

Contrastingly, organic bamboo sheets are only produced from long-strand fibres provided by mature bamboo plants. By only using these long strands, the manufacturing process of bamboo sheets involves a unique technique to weave bamboo threads together, for the entire length of the sheet. Each thread end is anchored along the borders of the sheet, and there are no loose ends throughout the composition.

how bamboo sheets are made infographic

In essence, it's these different manufacturing processes that determine how soft various bedding textiles are and how they stand the test of time. Traditional bedding like cotton leaves loose thread ends scattered through the sheet, which over time, will cause friction and cause the sheets to feel like sandpaper. Bamboo sheets are made up of long, anchored threat ends that meet each edge of the sheet. These long threads are the reason bamboo sheets behave very differently with friction because of how they are securely woven together. 

Wash Before Use

The first step to how to soften bamboo sheets is to put them through a gentle wash cycle. Quite often, bamboo sheets are exquisitely soft but will need a primary wash to allow for the sheets to become more breathable and smoother after being packaged. When you first open your new bamboo sheets, it's essential to wash them before putting them anywhere near your bed. Washing your sheets before use is the best way to ensure that your bamboo sheets are silky smooth and will provide you with that luxurious, comfortable feeling against your skin.

Your Bamboo Sheets Will Soften with Time

Believe it or not, bamboo sheets actually get softer with time. Where cotton sheets tend to get sand-papery with each wash, bamboo sheets actually only get softer with each wash. This is because bamboo sheets are made up of that long thread that does not leave any loose ends in the sheets. No rough thread ends mean that bamboo fibres will relax and loosen up with each wash, without destroying the integrity of the textiles. Instead, bamboo bedding will sustain that smooth, luxurious texture and only become softer as the year's tick by.

The trick for how to soften bamboo sheets is taking the time to care for your bamboo sheets so that they can continue caring for you. Gentle care for your bamboo sheets will ensure that they continue to stay comfortable, flexible, and smooth.

Washing Your Bamboo Sheets

As we mentioned earlier, the best answer to “how to soften bamboo sheets?” is to put them through a gentle wash. From there, your bamboo sheets will only get softer. You'll need to wash your sheets every 7-14 days, depending on the weather. Bamboo sheets will get softer with each wash, so long as you take the time to care for your bamboo sheets.

how to wash bamboo sheets

Our laundry guide for bamboo sheets specifies that we recommend washing your bamboo sheets on a gentle machine wash cycle, with mild, eco-friendly detergents. When they've been through the wash, hang your sheets out to dry rather than putting them in the tumble dryer. Hanging your sheets out rather than putting them through the dryer will ensure any unnecessary pulling of the fibres is minimised.

Linenly Bamboo Sheets

Here at Linenly, we are pleased to offer a wide range of what we think are the softest, most luxurious bamboo sheets on the market. All of our bedding textiles are manufactured under strict OEKO-TEX certifications to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals or processes involved. This way, you can rest assured that your organic bedding will continue to stay soft, silky smooth, and secure for years to come.