Eco-friendly Gifts to Encourage Environmental Consciousness Amongst Your Loved Ones

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Eco-friendly Gifts to Encourage Environmental Consciousness Amongst Your Loved Ones

Here at Linenly, we believe bamboo is great for not only our health and comfort but also the environment. Often bamboo is compared to organic cotton. Organic cotton is cotton that is grown organically, free of synthetic chemicals. However, what we don’t understand is that although a product is made from an organic source, it is not always better. In this post, we talk about the impact organic cotton has on our environment and other factors. Keep reading to find out more!


Do you know someone who is addicted to buying a cup of coffee or a hot drink every morning? A KeepCup is the perfect gift. Australians alone throw out over 2.7 million disposable coffee cups daily. KeepCups are a great alternative to disposable cups, especially when you're purchasing more than one coffee a day. They are both reusable and recyclable and are a great investment. Not only are KeepCups eco-friendly, but they are also quite stylish and convenient. There are a range of different colours and styles of keep cups available in cafes and online. 

Often a coffee is made and forgotten about when we become busy. The great thing about glass KeepCups is that they keep your drink nice and warm for a long period of time.

KeepCup- Bamboo Sheets Australia

Bamboo Bedding

At Linenly, we provide bamboo sheets, fitted sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases for all your loved ones. Linenly products are made from organic materials which have been ethically produced and are free from harmful chemicals. All our products are Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used for processing and treating the fibre.

This is a great gift for all your loved ones no matter the occasion. We offer quality sheets ranging from cot to king-sized beds, for all to enjoy. We understand everyone has their own style preference and colour choice, this is why we offer a great range of colours. Our sheets are available in classic colours such as white and silver and unique colours such as violet pink and grey blue. Our prices range from $159.95 - $239.95 for flat or fitted sheets. Our products are a great investment for your loved ones' health, sleep and comfort. Sleep well knowing you have played your part in helping the environment!

Bamboo bedding- Bamboo Sheets Australia


Both females and males shave a minimum of once a week, with some shaving more. Gillette recommends disposing of a razor after just ten shaves. The Environmental Protection Agency estimated 2 billion disposable razors and blades are thrown out in the U.S. yearly. Opting for a  reusable shaver is a great way to encourage both your female and male friends and family to become more environmentally conscious. 

Stainless steel safety razors can be found at a number of stores including local supermarkets such as Woolworths. You can find safety razors in a range of colours and lengths online for a more personalised gift. Not only are safety razors eco-friendly, but they are also great for those with sensitive skin as they cause less irritation on the skin compared to disposable razors. Both the safety razor and blade are plastic-free and recyclable. They are pricier than regular disposable razors, however, they are a great investment as they last for years.

Safety Razor- Bamboo Sheets Australia

Reusable Water Bottles

If you know someone who drinks a lot of water and is always buying a plastic water bottle, a reusable water bottle is the perfect way to stay hydrated and care for the environment. There are a number of different types of water bottles made from different materials such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel and even paper. Stainless steel water bottles are especially great for the summertime as the bottle keeps your water nice and cool all day long. You can find these reusable water bottles in a range of different capacities, from as little as 350ml to up to 2 litres. You can find a number of different colours and styles in-store or online. Beysis is a great company that sells water bottles that can be personalised with up to 18 letters for a special loved one. This is a great gift option for everyone!

Reusable water bottles make thoughtful, environmental friendly gifts that promote sustainable living, reduce plastic waste, and encourage eco-conscious choices in daily life. They're perfect for any special occasion and inspire positive environmental impact.

Reusable water bottles- Bamboo Sheets Australia

Eco-Friendly And Cruelty-Free Makeup

If you know someone who loves makeup, eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup is a great gift idea. There is a variety of different makeup brands to choose from, but not all of these brands create their makeup with high-quality and earth-friendly ingredients. Most drugstores and high-end makeup brands use substances that can lead to health problems and damage your skin. 

Not only is the makeup potentially dangerous, but often the makeup is tested on animals. Alongside this, the packaging is often non-recyclable. A few eco-friendly makeup brands include Kat Von D, Lush Cosmetics, BareFaced Beauty and Clean-Faced Cosmetics. Purchase makeup from sustainable and ethical brands to support and encourage environmental consciousness.

Eco-friendly makeup- Bamboo Sheets Australia

Here at Linenly, we support the use of eco-friendly and environmental conscious gifts among your loved ones. Replacing single-use items with reusable products provides many benefits for the customer and most importantly the environment. Play your part and replace ordinary gifts, with much better eco-friendly gift ideas.