10 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Written by: The Linenly Team



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Is it true that there are benefits of sleeping naked? Is sleeping naked really better for your health? If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’ve heard whispers about the benefits of sleeping naked and are looking to see what all the discussion is about.

So, is sleeping naked better for your health? Most sleep scientists seem to think so. These restful researchers link the benefits of sleeping nude with the overall quality of our sleep, which in turn leads to a myriad of health benefits throughout our time awake.

Not many people realise that stripping down could be the key to their next great night’s sleep. Read on below for our guide to the top 10 benefits of sleeping naked that will ensure your next sleep is as restorative, deep, and peaceful as can be. 

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

1. Falling asleep quicker

Do you suffer from restless nights? The Sleep Health Foundation reports that almost 60% of Australians have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep between one to four times a week. Your body temperature at night is crucial in falling asleep properly. Linked to our circadian rhythm, the cooling down of our body temperature tells our mind that it's time to sleep. If you are too warm when you head to bed, your body is tricked into thinking it’s time to stay awake. Sleeping naked allows your body temperature to cool down and help you fall asleep faster.   

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2. Increased quality of sleep

It’s so important to maintain deep sleep once you have fallen asleep. Keeping a cool and comfortable sleeping environment throughout the night is facilitated by stripping down. 

The best temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 15.6 and 19.4 degrees Celsius. One of the many benefits of sleeping naked is that this temperature is regulated better throughout the night, boosting your REM cycle.

3. Keeps you healthy when you’re awake

Sleep is a crucial part of our body's regeneration process that helps us fight disease. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, your immune system suffers. This leaves you more susceptible to viruses or cases of the flu that circulate. Sleeping naked is an excellent way of ensuring a full night’s sleep and lets your body build up its natural barriers to harmful bugs.

4. Strengthen intimacy with your partner

Sleeping naked next to your partner can aid in strengthening your bond as a couple due to the oxytocin, or cuddle hormone, that is released by skin-to-skin contact. The release of this hormone is vital in developing a stronger and more authentic connection between partners. Stripping down to sleep with your partner increases skin contact, which in turn produces a better oxytocin release than clothed cuddling. 

5. Healthier skin

We’ve all heard the cliche phrase of “getting our beauty sleep”, but one of the benefits of sleeping nude is that it improves our skin health. The deeper sleep achieved by sleeping naked boosts our body’s ability to heal skin wounds and reduce the signs of ageing. This is only enhanced when you wash and moisturise your body before hitting the hay.

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6. Boosts female reproductive health

Getting rid of your underwear is known to have benefits for female reproductive health. Underwear that is too tight is detrimental to vaginal health, as it increases the risk of developing a yeast infection.

7. Increases male fertility

Similarly to women, men who wear underwear that is too tight also damage their reproductive health. Tight underwear is hot, which lowers the sperm count. Higher temperatures around the testicles put men at a massive disadvantage for their overall fertility and reproductive health.

8. Boosted metabolism to combat weight gain

Still wondering how is sleeping naked better for your health? Well, sleeping better is often linked to better control of our weight gain. Another of the numerous benefits of sleeping nude is that a healthy sleep schedule is kept in check, leading to better management of our weight.

9. Increase in confidence

The more time we spend naked, the more confident in our bodies we become; that’s just a fact. Even spending time nude when we’re asleep can impact how we perceive ourselves and help overcome unrealistic culturally set standards. It’s not easy to get in the buff when the sun’s up, so take the time at night to get some confidence through nudity.

10. Decrease stress and manage mood

The last of our 10 benefits of sleeping naked is that good rest helps boost our mood and lower stress levels. Sleeping naked alleviates the tension in our bodies and allows for a more restful sleep.

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