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There’s no space more yearned for after a long day than the bedroom. A private sanctuary where you can have some time to yourself, your bedroom should provide a relaxing, tranquil space for you to unwind and reset. When it comes to bedroom decorating ideas, as well as creating a comfortable room, you should be looking to reflect the personal nature of your space as much as possible.

While you might not give it the same level of thought as rooms like the kitchen or living room, the right décor and interior design can go a long way in helping you to relax after a long day. The more comforting your bedroom, the higher quality sleep you will have, and we all know how beneficial rest is for our wellbeing. Join Linenly as we outline the bedroom decorating ideas approved by experts to make the space as calm, welcoming, and as comfortable as possible. 

5 bedroom decorating ideas & styling tips

1. Start with a colour scheme

The colour scheme of your room is critical to keep the vibe of the room to your liking. Your bed is the most prominent feature in your room, so the colours you choose for your bedding will set the tone for the rest of the room.

Whites and neutral colour tones like soft grey are the classics for bedroom decorating. They are easy to match with other colours in your room and give the room a sense of cleanliness and peace. White colours are also great if you have a smaller room, as they can make the space feel bigger.

For the more adventurous interior bedroom decorating, you could opt for a more pronounced colour selection. Sage green or Blush adds a soft but noticeable splash of colour to your bed. Sage green to relieve stress, or blush to give your personal space some added intimacy.   

The best part of choosing a neutral or block colour for your bed linen, is that it allows you to play with patterns more in the rest of your room, but we’ll get to that later!

Whichever colour you choose for your bed linen, ensure it is in line with the other colours in your room. It is much easier to choose the colour of your bed sheets than it is to repaint your entire room!

2. Decorate the walls

The walls of your bedroom are the blank canvases with which you can express yourself through art. Art in rooms is proven to have a soothing effect on the mind and will help make the space feel more like your own. Find art that inspires you, and hang it above your bed, near the window, or even on the floor – just as long as you can see it, and it won’t get damaged. Patterned works or wallpapers bring the room to life, and will match well with plain bed sheets.

Bedroom decorating ideas are about finding things that matter to you, and creating a space that is uniquely your own. What’s more, art does not need to be expensive. There are countless resources available for you to seek out local artists to hand on your bedroom walls. 

3. Give your room some texture

When decorating bedrooms, one of the main feelings you want to create is one of comfort. Whether your style is more modern, or bohemian, or even art deco, the best way to develop a sense of cosiness is by layering up your textures. Stack up the throw pillows or layer luxurious bamboo blankets over your bed to give your room a nice lived-in look. Underfoot, look for a nice rug or textured mat to complete the style. Your bedding set combines both the style and texture, as well as comfort when it’s time to get to sleep. 

bedroom decorating with linen

4. Bring personality in through accessories

Your bed might be the showstopper when it comes to bedroom decorating, but you can also bring life to your room with carefully chosen accessories. Think matching headboards, a side table in a colour that fits the room, or a rustic lamp. The possibilities are endless. If greenery is your interest, then perhaps some plants could help your room achieve that extra sense of calm. If you live in an area with high humidity, plants thrive in this environment and will help you out with the additional moisture in the air.  

Are you decorating on a budget? The best way to decorate a bedroom for accessories with your wallet in mind is to shop for furniture and accessories second-hand. It’ll save you money, and will also add a more personal finish to the room. 

5. Keep things in scale

Decorating bedrooms with accessories like oversized mirrors can also aid those of us with smaller rooms. The reflections from the mirror will make the room seem bigger. If you don’t get much natural light in your room, a mirror can also reflect the light that does enter your room, brightening areas that might not see as much of the sun. 

However, bigger is not always better across bedroom decorating tips. For example, there is no use in trying to fit a king-size bed in a small room. No size of the mirror is going to give you the extra space for that. Also, remember to never over-accessorise and keep a balance between your things and free space. Cluttering a space will undo all the hard work you’ve done in your bedroom decorating and creating a place where you feel at peace.  

Bedroom decorating with Linenly

In the fast-paced age of constant updates and digital connection, a calming, peaceful bedroom is essential to retreat from the demands of the day and get our well-needed rest. 

Remember, when considering any bedroom decorating ideas, your bed is your main feature. Any bedroom styling tips should begin with the bed. The bedspread, blanket, cushions, or sheets you use will transform the feeling of the entire room. They say you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so by that logic it's crucial you pay special attention to your room!

No bedroom is complete without quality bedding, and Linenly has Australia’s best range of bamboo sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers to match any room. Available in a range of colours, Linenly is the perfect place to start hunting for bedroom decorating ideas